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If you are looking for a local company to take care of your lawn, please reach out and let us know. We would be more than happy to help.

So - *Entire business story line, from start till now below*

2016: start a grass mowing business with used junk you barely got up and running. You keep it going via duct tape, zip ties and a prayer. But you grow the business pretty well. Quite a few clients.

2017: early in year buy brand new equipment because the profit is there to justify it. No more junk. Take out loans and use your credit to get commercial grade equipment so you are not having to repair stuff all the time. 

2017: later in year nearly all clients you've acquired over 2 years houses go under due to Hurricane Harvey. They have to invest in recovering their home and drop lawn service. Your clients drop to 2/5's of what it was. You do everything you can to make the note on equipment and truck etc so you don't lose it. 

2018: things start to look up. Business is back to 4/5's of what it was prior to Harvey. You use the money you've made that year to pay off ALL equipment early. No debt. 

2019: First half of the year you go into 2019 STRONG out the stable. You have gotten to about 8/5ths of where you were prior to hurricane Harvey. You have to hire help to get things done, you can no longer do it all by yourself. Things are GOOD. 

2019: Imelda hits. We built most of our business in the Maple Crest area, and go figure - it's the hardest hit by Imelda's flooding in Vidor 🙄. We are reduced to 2/5ths the clients we've built AGAIN. Thankfully we paid off all our debts and didn't owe anyone anything. 

2020: January out the box. Ma and I came up with a plan. We worked hard on this plan. We invested nearly $3400 in advertising materials, signs, online advertising, cards, door hangers. Google paid advertising, Facebook advertising. We were going to expand HARD. The idea was to hand off the business to Lil' Boss when she turned 16 in order to have a full time job, and to be able to put her friends together. We went out and bought BRAND NEW industrial equipment ( we skipped over commercial grade and went for the best of the best you can purchase ) . We went through and upgraded the towing capacity on the trucks, hardened them. Did massive tune-ups' on them, reinforced it. 2020 was going to be OUR YEAR.

2020: April - You have GOT to be kidding me. A f*cking pandemic, like you see in the history books has shut down EVERYTHING. No one has money to pay you to mow. Everyone is out of work, they are home and mowing their own grass or they are hustling on the side because they are out of a job and mowing grass for 1/2 of what you can do it for ( pennies and beer money practically ).  We are down to 1/5th of where we were. I'm paying for equipment to sit and rot on a trailer 🙁 . Ma graduates college and gets a full time job to help with the bills finally. 

2021: Same amount of clients as 2020. Things have slowed down massively. No more vacations. No more " nice " things. You tighten your belt so much your not sure you can actually tighten it much more. The only saving grace is Pa changed careers with his full time job and got into I.T. 

2022: Started growing our client base again, to an amount we can handle while still working full time jobs. We raised our rates due to inflation on new clients, and because of this we didn't take on many new people except for those willing to pay a premium for service. We got enough coming in to FINALLY pay the note on the new equipment and all the loans we took out on everything in early 2020. 

2023: early on - looking on the upside. Got about 4/5ths of clients that we had prior to Hurricane Harvey hitting. It's looking like it will be a good year. Lil' Boss is turning 16, can hand off the keys to her in the summer time and she can do it all herself while out of school.  The kid has a turn key business being handed off to her! 🥰😍

2023: Mid year - where is the rain?! Where is the rain?! OMG we need rain. Rain. Please GOD RAIN. The grass isn't growing. People are cancelling you coming to mow. Why when their grass is nothing but dust? OMG rain please. There are wild fires all around us. We are now mowing, those who have not entirely cancelled services all together, once a month. Starting in June when we show up to peoples yards, we decide not to mow half the time because there isn't nothing TO MOW. They were going to pay us to mow dust, but we can't do that and look at ourselves in the mirror. And it's been like that ever since. Dust. We didn't get rain, any significant rain until winter and the growth has stopped. 

Early 2024: It's unknown.  We dreamed and made plans on building a business to hand off to our daughter Lillie Lee when she turns 16 but honestly unsure if that will be a thing if this weird weather pattern continues. 

I'd like to thank those who have stayed with us over this insane wild ride we've had. And those who have shared what we do. Spread the word. Stood by our side. Encouraged us. 

If you see anyone asking for service, PLEASE tag us. Mention our website, our business. Or Facebook page. Ma and I will do everything in our power to grow this business back up again between now and summer break when Lillie gets out of school, but i'm not going to lie - we are getting physically older. This is becoming harder to do. Harder to keep up with. We hurt every morning. I'm hoping the business is there come summer to hand off the reigns to the next generation. 

If it's not folks, Dirty Deeds Lawn & Landscaping Service will probably not be here come 2025. We will have to move onto other forms of work. 

We love you all, and thanks for reading this far.