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Your 8 yr old has slept in after playing video games all night long on spring break. Mine has nearly earned $100 after 3 days of working. Our kids are not the same 😁. Go baby boss go!

The late-night walkers, bikers, and slow-rolling cretins continue their escapades through the city streets, yards, driveways, pipelines and access ways. I have seen a lot of the suggestions made on dealing with some of the late-night criminals. While personally, I like some of them, there are a few that could cross the lines of the law. That is where we must be careful.

 1. We cannot run a rope, wire, cable or other such items across streets, right-of-way’s, and pipelines. However, running a low height, quick release, "clothesline" for ankle socks on your property is legal, saves electricity so it is great for the environment. Make sure you put out a tiny sign of warning, under a flowerpot nearby. 

 2. Digging a moat on public lands is not legal, but digging a hole on your property to "plant a tree" in the future is legal. Remember the tiny sign of warning.

 3. Dropping nails on access ways and pipelines is frowned upon, but accidentally spilling roofing nails on your land is legal. 

 4. Leaving out gas cans with different mixtures just for a thief to steal is just plain mean. Just imagine the problems this could cause to all the stolen 4 wheelers engines. Make sure you write a tiny warning on the bottom of the can. 

 5. Electrifying fences and gates on your property to keep your dogs in could be dangerous to some, so make sure you put up a tiny sign somewhere on the property that says "fence may be electrified". 

 6. A great idea is a piece of plywood, laid on the ground, with upward facing 3.5-inch nails, being used to secure pumpkins for carving. With Halloween not far off, now is the time to get your practice in. The nails keep it secure while the carving is going on. If you must leave the board out overnight, make sure you cover it with leaves, so it's not stolen and hang a tiny sign somewhere on your property.

 7. Spotlights are great tools for safety. When you see one of these bikers, or 4 wheelers on city streets, without headlights at 2 am, the spotlight can be used to help them see the road ahead. I am sure they would appreciate the help until they are able to get their headlights fixed. 

 8. Target practice on your property with BB guns, pellet guns, paint guns and 22's is a fun night-time hobby, just be careful to pay attention to those "exercisers". Of course, since they are "exercising", they will all be wearing a bright reflective vest for safety and won’t be on your property, so they should be safe. 

 9. A trip wire is considered a booby-trap and therefore not legal, so if you are marking a line for a future concrete slab between stakes, make sure you place a tiny sign on your property warning people of a tripping hazard. 

 10. Be careful leaving your thumbtacks and nails on the top of a fence, points up and glued down. Someone could stick their hands.