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This mower we have dubbed "Money Maker" 

We acquired this mower from one of our very first customers.. We had done several projects on her property for her such as tree trimming and mowing when I had spotted this mower under her 
carport. Money Maker was on 4 flats and covered in half an inch thick crust of filth.

We asked the customer about it and discovered it was parked due to an unknown repair issue. We worked out an agreement of services in exchange for us hauling it off, we then put our heads together and had it running in a weeks time after LOTS of tinkering, youtube watching and split knuckles. This mower has now become the top of the line in our fleet of mowers. 

Stay tuned for next week when we reveal the store behind the next tier in our mower fleet. 



Being a startup business with zero initial capital AND keeping it debt free has been an interesting ride.
No loans. No brand new equipment to make a note on. That part is great. Because of zero initial capital to invest, you get creative on what you do. You can't hire an advertising company and outsource the foot and paper work involved.Ma and I have done TONS of research on DIY everything. From cheapest business cards and door hangars ( I highly recommend VistaPrint ) to fixing equipment when something goes wrong ( youtube becomes your best friend ) . Google becomes your resource for tax, license and insurance information. Had no clue how hard it was to go from mowing a few yards for cash on the side for people to a registered business. But it is happening. Filing all the paperwork makes you realize - this is real. This is MY business.The American dream is real and tangible still in 2017. You just got to want it more than the next guy. Since we don't have an advertisement budget yet, we will be doing it ourselves. Late February and early March Ma and I will be going door to door OURSELVES knocking, handing out and leaving door flyers. When you work for yourself you wear many hats. Laborer, HR, marketing, mechanic, public relations.But it will be worth ALL the headache in the end. To be able to hand the keys off to my two daughter's and thier future spouse's. A true legacy to leave behind - a family business built 100% brick by brick.
 Sorry folks. Just thinking out loud and dreaming BIG on this cold January morning.

Our whole family gets involved with the business.

When things are going strong in the summer, My wife handles the paperwork, phone calls, the estimates etc while I work at my full time job. After work we hop on the truck she's already loaded down with equipment and knock out the work together.

It works out pretty well.

My oldest daughter gets off the bus at 3:00 and I get home shortly after from work . She watches our toddler while the wife and I go and knock out lawn care of our customers. My wife's father is retired and lives with us in his own cabin on the back of our property. When we have a LARGE acreage to mow, we get his help and toss him on a mower so we can knock it out quicker.

In the summer, when the Texas heat is unbearable to the older folks, he watches our toddler while our older daughter works with us flinging a weed eater, picking up sticks and we just recently let her start riding on our ZT. Only 9 year old I know who has $250 hard earned dollars stuffed in her piggy bank.

Gives new meaning to " family owned and operated " .