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New investments for the company! Can't wait to try them out. ~ Ma

Small clean up done today 🙂. 

Didn't get the super before pics with all the grass still in it sadly.

My back up mower sh*t the bed.

The back up mower for THAT one threw a belt.

Main mower got everything done today. Got it stuck in a ditch, had to fish it out using the truck and a chain.

On way to an estimate noticed truck started over heating. Got REALLY hot, but finally got it home. Radiator is blown. Just ordered one off Amazon - will be here in 10ish days. 

About to hook up the trailer and mowers to the back up truck we got we use for the Fire Dept. 

Todays events is why I preach back ups for back ups, because you just never know. 

Also - to other lawn care start ups following along : STOP CHARGING PENNIES for services. You will never be able to get out of the eventual bind you will get into like i'm in charging pennies and undercutting everyone to the bottom. 

You got to get out of the mindset that you are working for an hourly wage and remember you have to pay for repairs, back ups and a whole host of other things if you are going to be sucessful in this biz. 

8 years we been at it. I don't know a single person who has been in lawn care that long. They come, they go within a year or two because they are not charging what they should be charging. 

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk 😂