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Just like with Harvey, most of our newly rebuilt client base sadly took on water. We won't bother them with writing them to see if they want their grass cut, as they have alot more important things going on than to worry about than getting the grass cut.

With that said, if you need lawncare or see someone asking about lawncare please refer us. We are trying to rebuild our customer base and would appreciate the help in acquiring new customers.

Thank you for your help and please share this post.

From all of us at Dirty Deeds our hearts and thoughts are with those that have lost everything for yet the second time (the first for some). We will get through this trying time but only with everyone helping everyone, hand in hand we will get through. We have done it before 2 years ago, and we will do it again. Keep your chins up and spirits high, look to the sky and remember life will go on and we will ALWAYS have each others back when everyone else doesn't.

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