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On this day 04/20/20-

To all you stoners who will be too baked today to mow your grass, because you smoked the other grass: let us do it for you!

Chill on the couch and stuff Cheetos in your mouth while we do the hardwork.

Free estimates

In this unknown time so many are losing their jobs left and right, unsure of where they will get the money to pay bills. Here at Dirty Deeds we completely understand and are hoping that all of this passes quickly. We are still here if you are in needs of any lawn or landscaping projects to be taken care of. Give us a call if you are in the Vidor or 77662 area code. :-)

It's officially spring in SETX.

The pine trees have skeet, skeet, skeeted all over my vehicle!

And when the beginning of Spring means grass is going to start growing like crazy. Message or call us to get an estimate before the yard gets out of hand. If you are in the Vidor Texas or 77662 area code give us a hollar.