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So Lil' Boss summer vacation from school started half a day out of school yesterday. One of her friends, Joan is staying the weekend with us and going camping.
We had to knock out two of our customers yesterday and Joan said she was interested in learning the ropes so we put her to work 😁.
So far she's a natural and a Little fire cracker, and wants to continue working with us over the summer and earn some moolah.
Every one say " Hi Joan!" and give her a warm welcome to our team of Valkyrie female landscapers 😁


Working in the lawn care industry over the past 3 years has taught me a valuable lesson;
If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, there is a very good chance they got a leaky septic system!😆


Our mowing schedule has filled up so fast in the past 2 weeks that we would like to remind folks we do not mow on an as needed, when called basis. We have a schedule of (minimum) every other week people must adhere to.
Our schedule ensures everyone is cut and taken care of on a consistent basis, preventing excessive growth of grass and excessive wear and tear on our equipment when the grass becomes super thick.
If someone skips or cancels, they will be removed from our mowing list and replaced by someone waiting to be added to the list. This time of year the waiting list is a mile long.
When someone who skips calls us again, they are put at the bottom of the list of estimates to get to, and when we finally do quote them it is often 2X or 3X the original every other week price we were cutting them at. This is due to the growth of the grass and how much effort it takes to get it cut to standard again.
You cannot run a business on one time, inconsistent mows for the price of consistent mowing as it puts excessive wear and tear on your equipment performing work that doesn't pay enough to pay for repairs when the equipment goes down.
We have to plan out and make use of our time wisely for maximum efficiency for our consistent customers. One time or on call mowing makes planning a route and schedule impossible, and hurts the consistent quality our customers have come to expect.
But if they wish to have every thing in their lawn taken care of, we got them covered 🙂
When fall hits we will be able to take back up on call customer's, but at present time it's just impossible.
Thanks everyone for recommending us and helping make us Vidor's #1 lawn care company!