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We have been blessed by call after call, message after message for lawncare and landscaping services over the past 3 and 4 days.

So many, that I'm sure, no matter how hard we try, someone and their estimate might have slipped through the cracks. If we fail to get back with you within 3 days of initially contacting us, we deeply apologize and ask that you please call or write us again.

Thanks everyone for the refferals, tags, props given and most of all your business :-) :-)

Ma & Pa Lee 
Dirty Deeds Landscaping & Lawncare

How many lawns could Chuck Norris mow in a day?

All of them - but he feels charitable so he let's lawn care people make some money instead of hogging it all for himself. 

Thank you Chuck for being such an upstanding guy.

Hope everyone has a happy Independence day.
~Dirty Deeds Works