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And now a message from my kids:
You should use my mommy and daddies company for all your landscaping and lawn-care needs because we want to go to the fair this year, and daddy said it was too expensive.
You should hire them so we can go have fun 😆

Was recently asked : why do you guys have contracts?

Contracts are generally for customers that request bi-weekly service, but can also be used at the customers request on landscaping jobs. Our contracts help dictate costs and expectations with our customers.

Our contracts include a line item to notate special things the customer might want done each service, as every yard in Vidor is different. The contract also includes the price a customer is expected to pay upon service.

Contracts cover both us and the customer in the event that something happens; weather beyond our control, customers inability to pay etc.

If for whatever reason a service cycle is skipped - be due to inability to pay by the customer or severe weather - the contract explains what happens in those instances.

** Example **

( happens alot ) A customer simply cannot afford service that week. This is understandable, as we live in Vidor. We are all broke for the most part. If we were all rich we would be DDDC Lumberton LoL

Because the customer canceled service that mow cycle, this breaks the contract obligation on the customers end to pay and our end to mow that yard at the reduce rate we have negotiated with them. When they would like to begin service again, it will require a new estimate and contract. Typically higher than what they were paying originally.

This prevents a customer from skipping 2 mowing cycles in a row and letting their grass grow calf high. Suddenly they have extra spending money and decide to call us. The customer then expects us to cut at the reduced price we originally negotiated with. This happens more often than we would like it to. Hence the reason we have gone to contracts.

When people skip mowing cycles it causes grass to grow longer than what is ideal to cut economically at the agreed upon price. And, in all honesty when a customer skips it takes $$ out of MY pocket. We have the overhead of a legitimate business, and rely on continued service yards to pay for insurance, labor and equipment.

With a customer allowing their grass to grow to extreme heights , then attempting to cut it puts a strain on our equipment. Increased costs are included with renegotiation of the contract to cover additional cost of mowing a high grassed yard. These additional costs include, but are not limited to : double cutting ( cutting grass twice at two different heights to make it presentable ) , going slower to not damage equipment ( time is money when it comes to labor) and excessivr string trimming to name a few.

Hopefully this helps you understand why a contract is signed by a customer. Our contracts allow customers and us to stop service at any time. But when a customer does quit and hires Joe McMeth to cut for $20 ( what a deal! ) don't be surprised when he wont answer his phone for for 3 weeks straight. Or flings a rock through your cars window and ducks on paying for the damage because he doesn't have liability insurance.

Our higher prices come with peace of mind - 
You know who we are. 
 You know that when you contact us we will do everything in our power to contact you in a timely manner. 
You know we are licensed and insured.


And most of all - you know you receive top quality service when someone uses our services, and won't quit till you are satisfied with the job.

The magnets really give it an "Official" look when you pull up to a residence, or in this case, our first commercial property bid.

Fingers crossed, and wish us luck 😉