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Recommendations for reasonable and RELIABLE small engine / mower mechanic. In the Vidor / Orange area.

Ideal person collects mowers to use as parts, and knows how to put an entirely different engine on another mower with relative ease.

I can probably keep this person very, very busy with my personal repairs and forwarding work to them if they do a great job and not STEAL FROM ME.

If they give me a great deal on initial work I need done, I have 2 maybe 3 non functioning mowers and a 4 wheeler for parts I could give them.

Beaming with pride on this landscaping renovation we done over the weekend.

And now a message from my kids:
You should use my mommy and daddies company for all your landscaping and lawn-care needs because we want to go to the fair this year, and daddy said it was too expensive.
You should hire them so we can go have fun 😆