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Looking back on yesterday, I believe they slightly underestimated how bad it was going to be for our area. Please keep all of those in the Houston area and surrounding areas in your thoughts. These poor people have gone through hell and back. 


Us here at Dirty Deeds are thinking about ya'll and hope the power is restored fast. 

I want to thank EVERYONE who has ever supported us! Weather it was through sharing our stuff when we first started, giving us business or referring us to others. YOU helped get us off the ground where we are today! It's been one wild ride the last 8 years, but wouldn't change it any other way 🙂. 

Thank you. ALL of you

Got to teach the next generation of young ladies how it's done boys. Making sure Lil'Boss know that random flowers are an amazing feeling to be given. Here at Dirty Deeds we want to make sure that we ALSO show our girls just how a man should treat them! Step up boys it your turn.