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About Dirty Deeds Works

About Dirty Deeds Works

Our company began in February of 2015 with a second hand, well used push mower and string trimmer. We have built and focused our company on serving Vidor, Texas and it's immediate surrounding communities.

Pa and I had an elderly friend who couldn't take care of their own property any longer after a stint in the hospital and hired us to help them out. Before we knew it, we were cutting the neighbors on either side of our friends, and they were elated by how well we kept it.

They began telling their friends and family, and calls came flooding in for us to start mowing for other people. We soon began formulating plans on how to grow to accommodate the new customers, because an old push mower and Walmart weed wacker wasn't cutting it ( get it? Sigh ). I ( Ma ) discovered I had a knack for repairing small engines on mowers and began hauling away broken mowers our customers would give us. The old saying " One mans trash is another mans treasure " became our motto as we got several riding mowers running and was able to use them on our customers lawns, way more efficiently than with a simple push mower. We finished out 2015 with over 14 regularly serviced clients.

In the spring of 2016 Pa and I decided we really, really liked serving others, getting dirty, making yards and homes beautiful as well as the coolest part - getting to work with your best friend ( each other ). The winter slow down between Nov 2015 and March 2016 we brainstormed with other LCO's online to expand our business from a simple outfit to a fully capable landscaping company. Pa took horticulture and landscaping technician classes online and in person thru Lamar and Coursera. Ma took classes and self-educated on the tax, administrative and advertising business end of running a company.

We took out a business loan in February of that year and bought every conceivable tool we might have needed in order to tackle any job opportunities asked of us.

In April of 2016 we came out swinging with a massive marketing and awareness campaign. Door hangars, business cards and a huge online presence. Before we knew it we were at 62 regular lawn-care clients.

In 2017 and 2018 we began expanding into pressure washing, gutter cleaning, landscape installation and general home / lawn improvements like ponds and water features.

Our future plans for the company is to split our company into two separate divisions in the future to hand off to the next generation, our two girls.

We thank you for your consideration of us for your business, and promise that you will NOT be let down with our quality of work and service.

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